3 tips for staying fitness motivated on your health journey


It's that time of year again. Where the sun starts shining longer, the weather becomes warmer. Our minds are on all things summer and getting in shape. Especially if you've found it hard to stay motivated through the winter months. We all have these moments, you are not alone. Staying motivated is hard. Working for something you really want is a job in itself. Keeping your mind focused on your goals and following through can be really tough. We know. We've been there. Everyone has days that are better than others. There are a few things that we have we do that have given us extra motivation to keep pushing forward in these moments and we wanted to share a few of these tips with you today.

When starting a new fitness journey of any kind, it takes sometime for you to train your mind. Meaning that at first, you are going to struggle. Let's be real. You are going to have to REALLY find strength from within yourself to keep the motivation up to get through it. One day at a time.

Tip  - ALWAYS pick out your workout outfit the night before. Lay it out somewhere close to you so in the morning it is the first thing you see. Put it on  upon waking. If you see the outfit it will motivate you to get into it and chances are once you are wearing it, you will find the time to complete your workout . Heck your already in your clothes so you might as well right!

Exercise is just part of the bigger picture. Let's face it, with all the temptations of fast foods, junk foods it's hard to stay on track with what you put into your body. We use an app called "MyFitnessPal". You input each food item you eat in a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, even your water! it really helps to keep you on track with how many calories you have in a day and to not go over this amount. You just make a free account ( there is a paid one as well ) and input your weight, your goal for losing weight etc and it calculates it all for you. 

Tip - Until you become familar with portion sizes we suggest you purchase an inexpensive scale to weigh your foods to help stay on track. It is also easier to add these foods to the my fitness pal app if you already know your portion sizes in grams etc.

They say you should get 10,000 steps a day. That sounds like a heck of a lot. Especially when you are first starting out but trust us, before you know it that 10k steps will have come and gone. For instance, when we do a walking workout for 1hr using our fitness watch we have already reached in upwards of 6-7k steps! This is all before lunch time!  So by the end of the day we've well surpassed our 10,000 step goal.

Tip - Get yourself a tracker to track the steps, calories burned. It doesn't have to be a $400 apple watch. You can purchase a simple clip on style step counter like the type we had when we first started our journey. You input your weight and you clip it to your body and it will keep track of all the steps and calories burned each day. This will give you motivation to achieve those 10k steps a day as well as accomplishing the same the next day and so forth. This really helped us when we first were starting out. We think it can help you as well. You can purchase these types of trackers at Walmart like we did.

These are just a few things we wanted to share with you. Somethings we utilize on a daily basis to help keep us motivated , besides our message bracelets of course ;) . Every step you take brings you one step closer to what it is you are after. Consistency is the key to achieving success and achieving consistency takes time. It takes a good 3 months of consistent behaviour before your mind plays catch up. Once you've gotten over the mental aspect , it will be like brushing your teeth or breathing! Just part of your normal everyday routine to becoming the best you can be!  



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